Lillet Rouge brings more fruit flavors and aromas for a richer, more deeply flavored experience.

Dominant Grapes

Merlot imparts full fruit flavor and rich texture


Ripe dark fruits such as blackberry and plum


Fresh orange, ripe berries, vanilla and delicate spices with a subtle richness

Additional Serving Suggestions

Spiced Sangria, Negroni

SAS STATEMENT: Lillet Rouge Per 2.5 fl. oz. – Calories 88.7; Carbohydrates 4.8; Protein 0; Sugar 4.8; Fat 0.

No artificial flavoringUnder 100cal per serving

Product details
Name Lillet Rouge French Wine Based Aperitif 75Cl Bottle
Brand Lillet
Spiced Sangria
Lillet Rouge Spritz
Rouge Mule