An Inspired Afternoon with Lillet

There is nothing quite like an afternoon spent with friends, catching up over drinks and letting that moment linger for as long as it can. This is the setting for our “An Inspired Afternoon” docuseries. In this series, we spotlight each of the real, empowering women from our Savor the Day campaign.  They discuss their influences and inspirations, and talk about the women that empowered them to define their own lives. In coming together they reveal an essential truth: both femininity and creativity are about being true to yourself.


Kristen Alpaugh, Artist Known as FLWR PSTL and Founder of Haus of Stems

Kristen Alpaugh is the artist and founder of two boundary-pushing businesses: FLWR PSTL, an art-driven floral design studio, and Haus of Stems, a line of hand-painted luxury florals. According to Kristen, “Nature is the original muse,” which can only be reinforced by her eye-catching botanical creations.

She describes creativity as the result of openness- pulling in inspiration and filtering it through her own unique viewpoint and skillset, which results in something special. As a self-taught artist, she is open about how the generosity and support of other women have gotten her where she is today and is eager to pass it on. Both of her businesses are entirely women-run; in her words, “there’s something powerful about a group of women working together and supporting each other.”

Watch our full conversation with Kristen here (you must be logged in to view the video)

Olivia Cheng,
Founder of Dauphinette

Proudly self-proclaimed as “The Happiest Brand on Earth,” Dauphinette inspires with its bright, magical designs – a reflection of founder Olivia Cheng’s creative personality. Olivia founded innovative fashion label in 2018, debuting with one-of-a-kind, Made in New York outerwear from recycled, upcycled and byproduct materials. True to her humble and playful approach, Olivia designs pieces that appeal to consumers with a sense of humor, but also those who look deeper.

In our conversations with Olivia, we found her definition of femininity especially poignant: “Femininity is not thinking about femininity, and just allowing yourself to happen.” She’s inspired by women who do work that fascinates them, which sums up what Lillet’s Inspired Afternoon series is all about: sharing creativity, inspiration and joy.

Watch our full conversation with Olivia here (you must be logged in to view the video)

Asia Grant,
Founder, Redoux

Asia Grant is the co-founder and creative director of Redoux, a line of sophisticated scents inspired by nostalgia – specifically, the memories that we all share. She speaks about her work as, “an opportunity to create joy for other people,” echoing the same spirit of community and connection that we aim to cultivate with Lillet.

Women business owners often feel they have to go it alone. Asia believes that the best thing is often showing vulnerability, asking for help, and ultimately creating a connection. She depends on her strong network of friends and fellow creative women, and believes that collaboration, not competition, is the best way for all of them to find success. After all, “there’s enough for everyone.

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Taylor Palmer,
Co-Founder, talc studio

Taylor Palmer and her business partner, Anastasia Sonkin, bring together artful design and a sense of wonder to their landscape design practice, talc studio. Their creative spirit is rooted in collaboration – they play off each other’s ideas and, in Taylor’s words, “make something magical together.”

As the only mother in our series, Taylor shares how motherhood has impacted her creativity, noting that having an outlet is more important than ever in maintaining her identity. She credits her confidence to a series of female mentors throughout her life that showed her it was possible to start her own studio. The key to Taylor’s design philosophy is simplicity: “Often when you keep things really simple you can make a powerful impact.

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Spritz Season has Arrived!

The Lillet Spritz is a refreshingly simple way to savor the day. This cocktail recipe could not be easier to make at home while hosting or during relaxed summer afternoons – simply combine equal parts Lillet French Apéritif and club soda over ice and finish with a fresh orange slice. Santé!