The golden madame is the oldest apéritif of the range. Ready and at your service, all year long.
She’s the heart of Lillet and will melt yours!


Close your eyes & smell the flowers.
Then, taste the aromas of candied oranges, honey, pine resin & exotic fruits.
Long aromas that will last to the end of your journey – until the next one begins of course!

Product details
Name Lillet Blanc French Wine Based Aperitif 75Cl Bottle
Brand Lillet
Country of origin France
Alcohol by volume % 17
Manufacturer Lillet Frères, Podensac, France
Nutritional information recommendedConsumptionMeasure : 5
volumeFor10gAlcohol : 10
calories : 99
sugar : 7.3
fat : 0
saturates : 0
carbs : 0
proteins : 0
Lillet Hugo Spritz
Lillet Tarte
Lillet Winter Berry
Zana's long drink
Natasha's long drink
Faye's long drink
Lillet Tonic Orange
Lillet Winter Vive
Lillet Hot Berry
Lillet Berry
Lillet Blanc Tonic
Lillet rose