Lillet Blanc is the oldest aperitif of the range, sophisticated, and full of character. It’s the heart of Lillet and will melt yours.

Light and crisp with delicate citrus hints, the unique recipe is a closely kept secret! This golden apéritif is a subtle blend of wines and fruit infusions, perfect for bubbly, refreshing and fruity long drinks.

Tasting notes

Fresh, lively and citrusy, Lillet Blanc is a refreshing as it gets!

Product details
Name Lillet Blanc French Wine Based Aperitif 75Cl Bottle
Brand Lillet
Country of origin France
Alcohol by volume % 17
Manufacturer Lillet Frères, Podensac, France
Nutritional information recommendedConsumptionMeasure : 5
volumeFor10gAlcohol : 10
calories : 99
sugar : 7.3
fat : 0
saturates : 0
carbs : 0
proteins : 0
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