Lillet Rose bottle

Lillet Rosé is the newest addition to the Lillet collection, but no less refined. With its vibrant Rosé dress, it’s the perfect aperitif for summer drinks.

Fresh, fruity and refreshing, Lillet Rosé is a delicious blend of French wines and fruit infusions adding French elegance to your glass. Enjoy it your way: as a long drink with tonic or in a cocktail, but always serve well chilled.

Tasting notes

Fresh, lively, fruity and full of joie de vivre!

Product details
Name Lillet Rose French Wine Based Aperitif 75Cl Bottle
Brand Lillet
Country of origin France
Alcohol by volume % 17
Manufacturer Lillet Frères, Podensac, France
Nutritional information recommendedConsumptionMeasure : 5
volumeFor10gAlcohol : 10
calories : 89
sugar : 5.2
fat : 0
saturates : 0
carbs : 0
proteins : 0
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